About us

Krayons is focussed on international consultancy, service design and development model to help the brands and enterprise overcome barriers and reach out customers via digital and mobile channels. Krayons assist in helping the Brands and Mobile Operators harness the power of digital and mobile by developing mobile applications and value added services . This results in bridging the market gap and speeding up the delivery of mobile services for better ROIs and Profit Margins.

Krayons also assist businesses in entering new geographic and vertical markets by providing end-to-end service development, product life cycle management and business development solutions. The company specializes in delivering strategic business consulting, marketing and product development services supported by expertise in market research, consumer usage metrics and analysis of the digital and wireless industry.

With its Headquarters in India, Krayons reaches its clients across Asia Pacific region and with its regional presence in Dubai to address: Middle East and African markets to deal with the ever-growing market needs and providing 360 degrees consulting services to global clients.

Our clients range from medium-sized mobile application service providers to global mobile operators, Enterprise solutions and retail operators and handset vendors. We also focus on helping mainstream brands adopt the digital and mobile channel including media owners, entertainment publishers, financial institutions, social networks, ISVs, search engines, advertising agencies and internet retailers.

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